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In modern agriculture, farmers worldwide need various means to enhance the value of the crops they grow. 

Plant growth regulators have varied effects on growth and development of crops. 

Bio-stimulants can enhance the crop's physiological processes, thus making them more efficient, resulting in yield and quality enhancement. One aspect of the benefit of some bio-stimulants is the "greening effect" which may also bring about an increase in yield. Various other crop enhancers such as disease resistance inducers, soil amenders etc. 

GLP toxicity data
GLP 5 batch data
cyanamide 50%SL Plant growth regulator

A soluble concentrate growth regulator for delayed foliation in apples, apricots, cherries, kiwifruit, pears, plums, table and wine grapes, and the advancement of budding in sultana grapes. 

- -
paclobutrazol 15% WP Plant growth regulator Rice, Wheat, Oilseed rape, Peanut: delay the plants grow, inhibition of stem elongation Acute toxicity Yes
paclobutrazol 25% W/V SC Plant growth regulator Turf: slows vertical grass growth and reduces mowing for up to two  months after application. The frequency of mowing can be reduced by up to 50% during the period of effective retardation. Use it on established hybrid bermudagrass, bentgrass, bluegrass and perennial ryegrass fairways, tees, and roughs.  

Tree: increase toleration of drought and high temperature, stress-related insects and disease, stimulate fibrous root development

Acute toxicity Yes
ethephon 48% W/V SL Plant growth regulator Cotton,  cereal, pome fruit, vegetable, sugarcane, potato, oilseed rape: one of the leading plant growth regulators. Used to promote leaf drop and boll opening in cotton. It also helps prevent lodging in cereals, promotes uniform ripening in coffee and speeds up ripening and sugar development in sugarcane and fruits.  Acute toxicity Yes
gibberellic acid 10% TB(ST) Plant growth regulator Vine, Fruit, Rice: For foliar spray application to certain varieties of grapes, citrus, rice and prunes to promote desirable harvest e ffects Acute toxicity Yes

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