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Mancozeb 75%WDG
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MANCOZEB 75 WDG is broad spectrum contact fungicide for control of the main groups fungal diseases in many agricultural crops, such as leaf and fruit vegetables, bean crops, rice, tropical and citrus fruit, ornamental crops and other.  

MANCOZEB 75 WDG provides a residual protective film over the plant surface, inhibiting spore germination of the pathogens.

Application rate: 150 – 400 g per 100 l waterApplication instructions: Apply up to 6 times per season, in interval 7 – 14 days.

Use the shorter interval, when the weather conditions are favourable for the diseases development

MANCOZEB 75 WDG is compatible with most commonly used fungicides, insecticides, micronutrients, growth regulators, and spray adjuvants. It is always advisable to conduct a tank compatibility test when you plan to mix this product with other products.

Safety period (Pre-harvest interval) in days:

Potato, Fruit crops, Bean crops, Rice, Coffee, Cabbage crops, Onions - 14,

Tomato, Pepper, Cucurbitaceae crops - 3.

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