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Herbicides resistance to ryegrass
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Annual ryegrass(Lolium rigidum) is nowadays one of the most serious and costly weeds of cropping systems.

Annual ryegrass is a problem for a number of reasons:

  • It produces an extremely high number of seeds per plant
  • It is highly competitive
  • Is a host for the bacteria Clavibacter spp. that cause annual ryegrass toxicity (ARGT)
  • It can be infected by ergot fungus
  • Many populations have developed resistance to both selective and non-selective herbicides such as glyphosate, clethodim.

Propyzamide is an excellent herbicide selectively controlling resistant ryegrass, black grass, other grass and broad-leaved weeds.

Propyzamide: A residual herbicide for the control of a wide range of weeds in WINTER OILSEED RAPE and several other AGRICULTURAL and HORTICULTURAL crops, and in FORESTRY and AMENITY SITUATIONS. 


Oilseed rape (winter), sugar beet (seed crop), field bean (winter), apple, blackberry, blackcurrant, gooseberry, loganberry, pear, plum, raspberry, redcurrant, rhubarb (outdoor use only), strawberry (outdoor use only), red clover (seed crop), white clover (seed crop), fodder rape (seed crop), kale (seed crop), turnip (seed crop), lucerne, lettuce (outdoor use only), forest, farm forestry, forest nursery, hedgerow, ornamental plant production (Christmas trees only), amenity vegetation.

TIFONG Agro can offer you the following formulations, based on the active ingredient propyzamide. 

Propyzamide 400g/l SC

Propyzamide 500g/l SC

Propyzamide 50% WP

Propyzamide 90% WG

If you need more information of propyzamide, please contact us by email. wangzhe@tifong.com. 




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