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Price of glufosinate-ammonium hit a record low
Time: 2016-06-26         Browse: Back News List  

The ex-works price of glufosinate-ammonium in China kept falling and falling and recorded a new low. The average ex-works price of 95% glufosinate-ammonium TC fell to USD19,488/t in the first half of June 2016, down by 22.48% over USD25,139/t in Jan. 2016 and, by 40.43% YoY.

Some insiders disclosed that if the price keeps falling, those glufosinate-ammonium enterprises with less competitiveness have no choice but to suspend production. Although some believed that the price has dropped to the bottom and will not be likely to reduce further, the downward trend continues.

Although the transaction volume of glufosinate-ammonium TC rose due to the exit of paraquat AS in the China's market and higher cost performance of glufosinate-ammonium formulations than that of glyphosate, the rapidly expanded production capacity leads to serious oversupply.

Currently, most of the major Chinese glufosinate-ammonium manufacturers have plans for capacity expansion. By 2017, the total glufosinate-ammonium capacity would reach 3,000 t/a.

Source: Agropages


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